About Pina

Pina was born in Benevento, Italy and immigrated to America with her family in 1957 at the tender age of seven. Typical of Italian families, her mother was a very accomplished cook and enthusiastically shared her love and passion for preparing the foods of her native Italy with her daughters. Many of Pina’s fondest childhood memories revolve around the kitchen and all the wonderful aroma’s, sights and flavors that originated from it. 

As her mother did before her, Pina shared her passion for preparing and serving Italian cuisine with her daughters, two of whom are actively involved in the family restaurant business today. In fact, the next generation of sausage makers is already in the works, in the person of her three year old grandson Joshua who loves to help her in the kitchen.

 Pina's formal training as a chef took place in the kitchens of Benevento Italy by her mother's side. She is a true maestro of the art of regional Italian cooking. In 1995 Pina's dream of opening up her own bistro came true. Pina insists upon creating every dish from scratch, without the use of flavor enhancers, including her hand-crafted sausage, manicotti, cannelloni, gnocchi, bread and deserts. Only the freshest and finest natural ingredients are used to prepare her standard fare in addition to her exquisite signature dishes. Coupled with time honored culinary techniques developed and honed to perfection throughout the course of her life, Pina consistently strives to provide her guests with what can only be described a total sensory gastronomic experience par excellence. To this end her many loyal patrons would concur that she has succeeded magnificently.